Cartridge Rescue is the Recycling Division of Toner Express NZ Ltd

The Recycling Division of Toner Express has been named Cartridge Rescueâ„¢ to reflect our continued commitment to the environment and to recognise our certification to the International Environmental Standard ISO14001.

Reuse before Recycle is our Mantra. A cartridge can be re-used many times before it needs to be disassembled and recycled.

In working towards zero waste to landfill the company has set out specific objectives and measures for each waste stream. These include the commitment to:

  • To recycle all the unusable aluminium photoconductor drums (OPD).
  • To recycle all unusable flexible plastics, paper and board products.
  • To recycle unusable ferrous metals.
  • Recycling of rigid plastics.
  • Convert toner waste into recycled products.

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Important Changes

From December 2008 Cartridge Rescue no longer pay a rebate for the return of empty cartridges however the pickup is still free!

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