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Most RESCUED cartridges can be reused many times. Our Research & Development Department are constantly looking at ways to extend the life of each cartridge component.

REUSE of any quantity is better than grinding or melting down a product which then has to be remade using more valuable resources

Do we throw away our cars when they run out of petrol? Or if the battery goes flat? Of course not! Likewise a cartridge that is used is not waste it just needs to be re-built, re-charged or re-filled and it can resume it’s life – just like our cars.

All cartridges should have the opportunity of REUSE before any other

REUSE and Recycling is great – Premature Destruction of a product is Bad

It requires 20 times more energy to make a new cartridge than to REUSE one and a new cartridge uses up to 3 litres of oil in its production

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Important Changes

From December 2008 Cartridge Rescue no longer pay a rebate for the return of empty cartridges however the pickup is still free!

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