Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 How much does it cost to participate?
Nothing! It’s free! All costs involved with the supply of the recycling/rescue boxes and the collection of them once full is covered by Cartridge Rescue™
Q2 What kind of cartridges may I recycle?
All cartridges used in printer and fax machines can be recycled
Q3 What do you mean by Original and Non Original?
  • Original Cartridge – means it has never before been rescued and reused
  • Non Original Cartridge – means it has been rescued and reused before
Q4 Why do I have to have 10 cartridges?
We pay for all shipping costs and we want to continue to do this By requesting that you collect 10 (or close to it) it makes the freight costs sustainable
Q5 What if I can’t collect 10 cartridges or my office is too small?
Please call us on toll free 0800 787 462 and we will discuss alternatives with you
Q6 Do I need to pay to ship my empty cartridges to you?
No! We offer a free pick up service
Q7 How do I have my cartridges collected?
Call us on toll free 0800 787 462

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Important Changes

From December 2008 Cartridge Rescue no longer pay a rebate for the return of empty cartridges however the pickup is still free!

Frequently Asked Questions

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